The Farm is an experimental style 'hotel', one that combines avant garde design, an inbred sense of hospitality and an atmosphere desired from personal travel experiences.

located on the outskirts of the vibrant city of jaipur, this modern luxury homestay has 5 individually styled rooms and 2 suites with private dip pools and eclectic interiors.

We opened the doors of our home to be able to fund our creative endevours. Staying with friends, or friends of friends always made the destination more exciting and formed the basis for our space.

The Farm is our creative playground, born out of our passion for design. Every guest passing through aides our art project and in return, experiences an 'unusual' India.

we are artists who use scrap as a primary medium to design spaces and objects.

playful, unique, reclaimed! our spaces reflect these ideas and inspiration. the farm is a work-in-progress as it is our studio space and all of our experimentation and ideations are first tried here. we find this a positive and dynamic part of our concept.

we enjoy design but are not uptight about it. there is something magical about an environment that is developed from an ethos of reuse, recycle, repurpose and encourages an 'I can do this' response in people. we also take joy that the space feels like a studio and not a gallery!

ecology: we try to be as eco friendly as possible and ask our guests to be mindful when using electricity and water.we also use solar energy at the farm.

service: we have created a space unlike those found in hotels. we like to keep things as simple as possible. this extends to our service, which is modest but personal . we may not appeal to everybody but those who like us sure like us a lot.

creatives: the farm has been our creative playground. over the years, we have worked with various local carpenters, painters and designers to make it what it is. there is something to be noticed and discovered everywhere you look. it is definitely the details that make it stand apart from the plethora of options available in the city.

What we offer is our way of life. We believe in the Slow movement, in recycling, in stopping to smell the roses, in good wholesome food and time for ourselves. We invite you to experience the same.we are a 30 min drive from the city.

Food is a big part of The Farm experience. We have a small organic garden and try to work our menus around the produce. Meals are fixed but never unexciting. Varied cuisines with recipes ranging from traditional to the ones from the internet and the best ones from guests sharing their favorites. Communal dining in the evenings is a great place to share stories and experiences. We are happy to cater to all kinds of dietary requirements on prior notice.